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Client: municipality of Nesher.

Structural Engineers:

Rokach Askenazi Engineers


The Ramot Yitzhak neighborhood in Nesher is undergoing a process of flourishing and expanding, characterized as well by the development of a new residential domain around a new park.


Since the population consists of many young couples, it was decided to construct a pedestrian bridge to enable safe passage of the children to school and to the park on either side of the road.

The design of the bridge, invited by the Nesher Municipality from the office of Nir Ben Natan, is based on a process of studying the town’s character, in order to emphasize the town’s academic nature - as it is adjacent to the Technion - and its support of innovative and creative education.

According to the office’s characterization, the bridge will be a municipal point defining the community’s place and spirit, while providing experiential usage for the children, and a deserving memory for them when they’ve grown up.

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