Located at the northern edge of Weizmann St., the proposed pedestrian bridge is meant to connect the Yarkon Park with the city of Tel Aviv. The park affords varied space for leisure and sports, yet most of it is inaccessible to pedestrians. Disconnected from its neighboring streets, it cannot be used on a daily basis by those who cannot afford to reach it by car - children, elderly, and mothers with buggies.   

The relations between the city an the park are determined by two traffic arteries - Namir Road and Ibn Gabirol St. - running perpendicular to the park, while totally ignoring its presence. Located between them, Weizmann St. has the natural potential to funnel the pedestrian movement into the park. The Osishkin Promenade runs along the river on both sides, about 1000 m. from the Yarkon Bridge to Osishkin Bridge. This forced east-west axes does not enable intuitive accessibility for pedestrians who wish to cross from the southern to northern part of the park, as they have to walk quite a distance to do so.

The proposed solution, which offers to open the city to the park by a new bridge, also includes a plaza offering a meeting point that will enable a lively interfacing of the park and the city.